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Want to compare other centers to Providence?

Use this Quality Checklist to help determine why our center stands out among the other centers.

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LEARNING & NUTURING Providence Center 1 Center 2 Center 3
Is there a structured program you can see in action?
Are teachers trained for the age they teach?
Are teachers caring and responsive?
Are positive methods used to guide behavior?
Are play and daily routines used as opportunities for nurturing and learning?
Are the toys safe for your infant?
Do the toys and materials offer interesting and challenging activities?
HEALTH & SAFETY Providence Center 1 Center 2 Center 3
Is the center licensed?
Does the center have NAEYC accreditation and/or a state rating?
Is the building safe, clean, and well-maintained?
Are entrances secured with electronic key pads?
Is there a safety plan in place in case of emergency?
Are there secure pick-up/drop-off procedures in place?
Are meals and nap times personalized for your child's needs?
Are there personal cribs for each infant?
Are toys sanitized daily?
Do teachers wash hands after diapering?
Are caregivers trained in first aid? CPR?
Are sick children who are contagious kept at home?
Are immunizations required?
Are breakfast, lunch and two snacks provided daily?
COMMUNICATION Providence Center 1 Center 2 Center 3
Are you allowed to visit your child anytime you want?
Is there daily communication about your child's day?
Is there weekly communication about what your child is learning?
Are there assessments-conferences done at least twice annually?